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Property Resources for Buyers or Sellers

  • Asbestos: state resource guide policies, regulations, guidance, federal information
  • Percolation Tests: What is a percolation test, an observation well, what are the trends to know about ground water?
  • Lead Paint: state resource guide where to look for lead in an older home and how to remediate
  • Radon: public health fact sheet answers questions about Radon
  • Septic Systems: how to maintain them and information on the Title 5 Inspection
  • Drinking Water: Massachusetts DEP guidelines information about drinking water
  • Mold Resources: U.S. EPA information on all molds, regulations, air quality standards
  • Chapter 61 Forestry: state guide on land stewardship
  • MassSave: state programs to make your home more energy effecient

Local Lenders

  • Florence Bank: Susan M. Seaver, cell: 413-531-3671
  • Freedom Credit Union: Stacey Pinardi, 413-505-5786
  • Greenfield Co-operative Bank: April Healey, 413-695-3207
  • Greenfield Co-operative Bank: Melissa Tetreault 413-475-0905
  • Greenfield Savings Bank: Caryl Connor 413-775-8162
  • Greenfield Savings Bank: Cassandra Morrey 413-775-8163
  • Radius Financial Group Inc: Tim Prevost 413-773-8984
  • Applied Mortgage: Lindsay Barrob 413-586-5626
  • Academy Mortgage: Eileen Hennessey (NMLS 22400): 413-276-0102
  • Mortgage Network: Katya Magee 413-531-5222
  • Peoples Bank: Kathleen Caputo 413-695-5757
  • This list is for Buyer's convenience and is not an endorsement by Cohn & Company of any one Lender.

Other Local Businesses

  • Deerfield Car & Shuttle Service: 413-665-4369
  • JW Excavation, Construction, Landscape, Tree Service: Jonathan Winfisky, 413-339-8319
  • SERVPRO, Fire & Water, Cleanup & Restoration: Julie Bowen, 800-352-7251